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Student Educational Options at iREN

Students in Transit: At iREN, we accept students who are in need of a temporary place. These students are moving to other educational opportunities in the near future and need a place to grow. Students who are affiliated with other educational programs at iREN can continue their studies through tutorials.

Alternative Education Students: Students and families who are struggling in traditional educational environments. Students are in a transition process to succeed in the classroom. iREN can provide different study options aimed at the specific needs of the family and the student.

International Students: Students whose families have already chosen an international educational option. iREN provides guidance and support through tutoring in the specific, differentiated program.

Programs for Graduation: iREN provides a learning system that allows children to successfully complete education studies through different international programs. iREN is not accredited by the MEP. iREN currently offers accreditation and certification through West River Academy (WRA), a network of private schools based in the United States, which enrolls students around the world. 

High school students can choose the U.S. General Education Diploma (GED), an international title that is accepted in Costa Rica to enter the university, as well as the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GSCE), a European graduation opportunity.

Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica options: Open Education in Costa Rica consists of six standardized tests.This option is for kids in sixth grade through high school. The other program is that of Diversified Distance Education, for children 15 years and older, consisting of six tests per grade for 10th and 11th grade. The final exam is the Bachillerato (Costa Rican General Education Diploma).

For additional questions on iREN's educational opportunities, contact our administration team!

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