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What a wondrous moment in being a kid.  The minds tumbles and stretches, this stage is a combination of  an inquisitive mind, the need to move and the ability reach even farther than we can imagine.

This in between is the moment to search for strengths and weaknesses, forge friendships and test the limits of the world and of the mind.  Our campus is a perfect place to let loose this energy. 

Workshops are structured around projects, time lines and completion of work.  Students are encouraged to work independently, exploring topics, creating games and art, engaging through their own interests and intrinsic wondering.  We look to open the child’s horizons through engagement with nature, with their friends and with themselves.  





Black Stallion is a 33 acre Eco park with access to beautiful nature walks, amazing tours, activities and much more.

Black Stallion is located just a 10 minute drive from Tamarindo.

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$500 a month

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 Little Explorers

3-5 years


6-8 years


9-11 years


12-17 years

Instituto Renacimiento  Jurídica N° 3-002-780325 Email: Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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