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                          Thank you for your interest in iREN! 

Follow the steps below to begin your child's enrollment process!

Step 1: Research

Please take the time to navigate and look into iREN's website. Read through Our Mission and The iREN Difference to explore who we are and what we value at iREN. Research our Family Guidelines to determine if iREN is a good fit for you. 

Step 2: Email

Reach out and contact our administrators here at iREN. We will provide you with enrollment information and tools to apply. Our administration team will schedule a tour for you and your family of our campus and classrooms, as well as a meeting with the director. 

Step 3: Visit

Come and tour iREN. Our team will walk you to each classroom, explore our campus, introduce you to teachers, and meet with the administrators for additional information and question opportunities. 

Step 4: Trial Day

Have your child spend a day at iREN with their class free of charge! They will meet their classmates and experience a day at iREN. They will have the opportunity to go horseback riding and participate in all daily activities. 

Step 5: Apply

After touring our campus, click here to apply. You may also apply in-person, or send in your application electronically. 

There is no fee to apply. 

Step 6: Secure your spot

At iREN, fill out and sign the Student Registration Form and complete appropriate  documents. Pay the matriculation fee or the year's tuition to secure your spot at iREN!

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