Forging a future



This crucial moment is filled with discovery and change.  This is why it is the perfect time to expand our horizons and understanding of the world around us 

It is the moment to figure out who we want to be, what we want to accomplish and where we want to go next.  At IREN the teen campus is about creating a safe space, free of judgement and social stress where topics are explored and the future is prepared. 

Creators choose between an international online program, the MEP distance diploma or the US GED.  They will work towards completing a high school diploma while experimenting with their interests and strengths and opening their horizons through independent and group study.  




Black Stallion is a 33 acre Eco park with access to beautiful nature walks, amazing tours, activities and much more.

Black Stallion is located just a 10 minute drive from Tamarindo.

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$500 a month

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 Little Explorers

3-5 years


6-8 years


9-11 years


12-17 years

Instituto Renacimiento  Jurídica N° 3-002-780325 Email: Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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