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What is iREN?

iREN is a new way of looking at education.


The Renaissance represents a monumental change in the world and how people saw themselves.  It represents a shift in our way of life. People moved out of the darkness of predetermination and into the light of free will.


A Renaissance child is a whole child. They love to learn, they express themselves, they are open to new things, and they are strong of mind and body.  

The iREN method came from a search to reach every child in the classroom. It takes into consideration each child’s learning style and interests to create a hook.


The method is also linked with neuroscience. It is the understanding of the function of the brain and its effect on the person.  Looking at the entire child, their inclinations, their learning style, their experiences and their self-image and creating a space for that child.


The idea at iREN is  that EVERY child can thrive.  

iREN is a tutoring center, not accredited by MEP

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