IREN is a project based, bilingual school right outside Tamarindo.     We are an educational alternative to more traditional schools in Tamarindo.  We are offering small groups, with plenty of room for distancing. Kids explore science, Spanish, reading and the love of learning while surrounded by 33 acres of lush forest. 
All our workshops are project based and interest driven.

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Join us for an interactive learning experience.

Practice the foundations of reading, numbers, and science through exploration and play.

Ages 3-5

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Examine language, math and science through projects and hands on experience.

Discover strengths and interests while exploring
in nature.

Ages 6-8


Delve into math, science and language through personal interest and intrinsic motivation.  Learn independent and coopertive learning while surrounded by nature.
Ages 9-11


Recognize strengths through personal interest and intrinsic motivation. Learn about responsibility, independent and cooperative learning while exploring

Ages 12-17

Come explore our campus


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