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Covid-19 Sanitary Measures

Cleaning Supplies

Sanitary measures for covid-19 following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, from the declaratory of the state of national emergency, product of covid-19, executive decree 42227-mp-s, IREN will implement the compulsory sanitary measures, which will implement all the obligatory sanitary measure that assures peace of mind and the security for all those that matriculate with one of our programs and our staff.



• We will establish roles / schedules in the different programs of the institute, with the purpose of maintaining the capacity at 50%, in accordance with the maximum capacity established in the sanitary operating permit.

• Close contact with people who are ill with symptoms or signs of cold or flu will be avoided.


• Temperature will be taken for each person who enters the institute's facilities and those who have fever symptoms will be sent home.

• We will provide hand washing stations and alcohol dispensers in gel with a composition of at least 70% alcohol. Sanitary services with anti bacterial soap, alcohol in gel and disposable paper towels for hand drying. For residues and garbage, bins with lid will be used.

• We will keep physical spaces fully ventilated.

• Constantly touched surfaces, frequently used equipment and sanitary services will be cleaned and disinfected multiple times daily, with alcohol solution 70% and paper towels will be used. At the conclusion of each workshop, this disinfection will be carried out rigorously.


• We will place posters in visible places: "how to wash your hands with water and soap", "the right way to cough and sniff" and "other ways to stay healthy" (approved by the ministry of health).


• We will take informational actions with all people for the incorporation of healthy practices, such as hand washing, especially after going to the bathroom, before eating, and after blowing the nose,  coughing or sleeping.


• We will constantly verify that the protocols are published by the Ministry of Health

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