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What makes us Different

IRen offers an alternative learning program for

students of all ages. Our goal is to help local and international children and young adults through educational transformation and guidance  to reach

their own goals.  

We understand the current situation can be difficult for students, this is why we offer small group full day tutoring.   We specialize in children with unique learning styles.  Our hands on, student guided approach offers solutions for your child's needs.  

Our focus is self sufficiency and intrinsic motivation, we help young people find what moves them and guide them to their goals.  Our aim is guide your child in the direction they want to go with a feeling of self assurance and purpose. 

Academically we follow your child's curriculum and their learning style and create projects and help them find excitement and adventure in everything they learn.  

In the full day program IREN  takes over the parent's online schooling role.  We are the liaison between your child and their online program.  We make sure they complete their assignments but also create an individual learning plan, student inspired projects and offer workshops that expand their horizons.  All classes are student centered and project based.  What does that mean?  It means your child's map to learning is individual, created by them and guided by their own inspiration. 

At IREN we believe in a strong foundation in the Science, Math and the Arts, our workshops intend to inspire and motivate your child to love to learn.  As in our name, we strive for a Renaissance child, one that feels courage, inspiration and strength to explore all fields of learning.

With only 40 students total in 4 spaces your child’s needs are our main focus, no more getting lost in the fray.  We see the potential each child brings with them and help them become more self sufficient, independent and passionate about learning. 

We specialize in children with unique learning styles, we search for their potential because we know every child has greatness within them.

Come to our campus on Black Stallion, meet our dedicated staff and get to know what our program.  We all came to Costa Rica for a different kind of life, now it’s time for a different kind of learning. 

If you don't have a accredited program you currently work with, let us know, we can help you find one that fits your needs. 

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