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Instituto Renacimiento  Jurídica N° 3-002-780325 Email: Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Alternative Highschool

A Space for the Extraordinary Teen

What seems a deficiency can be a strength.

In the educational bell curve used by educators there are two extremes of the spectrum: on the one side are students who have special needs - currently there are no local programs for these students; On the other side of the spectrum are students who are not committed to the study due to their high IQ and have the ability to learn at a faster pace than other students. IREN has an innovative Open Education day program for these students, who will be able to graduate according to their possibilities when working with the Ministry of Public Education Program, U.S. GED program and international online programs. Instead of the regular class format, students will have tutors who will guide them in autonomous learning (studying alone) and in cooperative learning (studying with others).

The students work with tutors to create an individualized educational plan and, in addition, create projects and opportunities for group and cooperative learning.   Students are offered theater, art appreciation, music as well as tutors to fulfill their future goals.  Students lean to find their strengths through working individually and cooperatively

Native Program

The students take the exams in the modality of Distance Education of the MEP, which allows them to accelerate their studies, finish two years of schooling in a year or, in turn, they can take all the time they need to achieve each level . This approach allows them to work at their own pace to undertake secondary education. In this program, the students are not evaluated in the traditional sense. Instead, they use the MEP curriculum to identify topics to cover and then work with their tutors to find the best way to approach the material according to their individual learning style.

International  Program

This is for students who are enrolled in international online programs.  IRen assists the program in offering guidance and enrichment. Students are assessed and assisted in creating in following their study plan.  Extra emphasis  is places on language acquisition and commanding math skills.  Students will join natinal students in group learning activities and will be offered extracurricular activities such as theater, martial arts and art appreciation classes.  



Max Students

12 students for 2 tutors


Assessment and creation and implementation of personal study plan.  Extracurricular classes and group learning projects offered.