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Instituto Renacimiento  Jurídica N° 3-002-780325 Email: Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

After School Program

Brain Training for Success

The after-school program focuses on students who attend traditional schools that need extra help to maintain high achievement. Using a hands-on, personalized educational format, iRen will complement the programs the local schools offer. Classes will consist of 3-6 students and focus on remedial math and language. Students will be assessed to see where they are lacking and a program will be created to tackle each issue. Classes will be interactive, using multi sensory lesson plans that touch upon the learning styles of each student. Students with learning challenges will be taught methods and tricks to use to excel in their regular schooling. They will learn about their challenges and learn ways to overcome them daily. This program will help students with learning difficulties to excel in their school of choice, offering to counsel for each learning style, methods of study, focused learning groups and one to one tutoring.

Understanding how I learn leads to success.




 After School Program Schedule: 3:30-5:00 Choose from:

• Subject tutoring

• Educational assessment

• Educational counseling

• Psychological counseling

• Literacy and Math training

• Spanish and English language classes

• Youth-focused classes- Theater, journaling, sewing, art classes, yoga, martial arts, strategy games, etc – Dependent upon the cost of class offered by the teacher

Cost for professional assistance- $30 an hour

Cost for tutoring- $25 an hour

Cost for group tutoring- $10 an hour, a minimum of 4 students per group


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Max Students

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