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A different kind of learning for a different kind of kid.  A self guided project and experience based approach to learning.  

We are a non-profit association that promotes the creation of spaces aimed at innovation, skill development, creativity, digitization and community action.

IREN or Renaissance Institute offers children, youth and adults the realization of workshops and programs in areas that promote science, technology and culture in all its fields, in this way we participate in the objective of improving the quality of life of people and in the transformation with positive impact in our communities.

Our innovative programs incorporate a dynamic strategy that allows meeting different needs, expectations and interests and are based on the principles of self-effort, individual responsibility, mutual help, solidarity and collaborative work. Computing, reading, body expression, languages, painting, theater, writing, drawing, science, mathematics, geography and world history are part of our proposals to the local, national and international communities, who need guidance for their particular learning style.

At IREN, our facilitators use the "multisensory" system, a method with which the mind and body work in parallel through creative and motivating activities, enabling the brain to stimulate itself in such a way that the person reinforces their strengths, goals and abilities. We provide well-equipped, modern, and secure physical spaces that help to rapidly expand knowledge.