We are Iren

We are a non-profit association that offers solutions to young people and adults with difficulties in completing primary and secondary education. IREN or Renaissance Institute, is affiliated with the Open Education System of the Ministry of Public Education of Costa Rica. IREN offers students the opportunity to choose among various educational modalities to prepare and successfully pass the nationally offered exams in order to obtain a Diploma in Secondary Education. Achieving this degree is the key to securing employment, higher pay and continuing education.

At IREN we provide our students with a space for education and personal improvement based on the principles of individual effort and responsibility, mutual help and collaborative work. We incorporate a dynamic teaching-learning strategy, new technologies in the classroom, and innovative methods to meet the needs of each student. "Multisensory" learning is one of these methods where the mind and body work in parallel through creative and motivational activities. This innovative teaching model allows students to reinforce their abilities and skills showing great progress in the obtainment of a second language, mathematics, and in each subject of study.

This great purpose complements IREN’s other objectives which are designed to aid students in an effective integration into the local and international social, economic and cultural environment. Through the promotion of science, technology, and culture, we aim for a positive impact on urban and rural communities in the area. With this idea in mind, we will offer co-curricular programs aimed at the development of scientific study, artistic expression, as well as other initiatives to both adults and young people.

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Instituto Renacimiento  Jurídica N° 3-002-780325 Email: irencostarica@gmail.com Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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